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I don't play the game even i have it years on steam so i write this review pure as regular viewer.

Really love the trailer you guys. The atmosphere is dark and eerie all the way which is really good. I can see you guys have put a lot of effort into this from beginning to the end. I can remember the first time I saw your game on a convention when it was still using a normal camera and not a digital phone. I hope to see this game to strive among the other indie horrors..

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among the sleep is creepy

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2019 gak ada ni?


Do i recommend it?




Yes if you are not a hardcore type horror fans or if you just want to spend time with friends and enjoy horror movie with great scenes, seriously the visual effects is really good!..

Nama : Nada Fahira Ig : @nadafhrs Twitter : @nadafhrs FB : Nada Fahira Sinaga Mahardika Jawabannya ada 20 anak di panti asuhan #KUISMATABATIN2 #MATABATIN2. I'm Indonesian but I think the movie and game is shit. But our president is cool. Download, DreadOut? Streaming

anjay 45 detik dan langsung merinding Sih hantu kebaya merah menjadi ciri khas tersendiri ›w‹ yah tunggu lagi deh buat film life is strange ^w^ semoga ada yak official trailer mata batin 2 hanya di bioskop 17 januari 2019 presents hitmaker studios a film by rocky soraya


deyre23m Apa cuma gw yang gw Gamenya keren, sayang musiknya koil band sok keren tp lagunya gak keren. Ok was this movie good? personally i love all the scenes, the casts, the visual effect is top notch but somehow i don't feel any horror vibe of it, yes i heard some viewers scream and even some of them cover their faces on some scenes but then i realize that those viewers are came from the late generation or so-called "Kids Zaman Now" so my best guest is that this movie is targeting wider audience but not for hardcore type horror fans so i think it's understandable why this movie is take the safe path..

20 anak panti asuhan Sudah saya share di sosial media saya Nama : Zakiyah Ig : kiyah_za Fb : Qiya #KUISMATABATIN2 #MATABATIN2 Jgn smpe gamenya lebih serem drpd filmnya

id instagram : @shintavalentina_ Apa cuman gw yang nonton 2019???? Watch, DreadOut. Online? Streaming - Full Watch & DreadOut - movie… vf Download... DreadOut, Full, Movie February 2019?? Watch... DreadOut. movie! characters Gua ga tahu ini game apa wkwkwk lol But ga berani takut jantungan :') Seru Banget!!! Pasti Bakal Ada Lagi Ya Mata Batin 3?...

Apa cuman gw yg nonton JANUARI 2019

di tunggu kapan rilisnya,kalau bisa di kasih infonya yah wkkwk


Everyone watch in 2019?thumbs up!!!





  • 1000 / 1000